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“Everybody who loves quirky characters, captivating stories, and great riddles will come for more of these fantastic novels.”

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A tale of bygone days and forgotten times

Not even Primus himself knows where he came from or how old he is. But he owns a piece of something that seems to be connected directly with his nebulous past. Distant memories, a weird symbol in the cellar, and a yellowing book containing an old legend are all part of the mystery that swirls around the land of Nettlewooz.

Will the Dark Forest one day tell its story, or will it be the Western Swamps which reveal their secrets? Will the answers be found at the bottom of the Lunar Lake or closer to home, in the crooked old tower? Primus, together with the feisty young witch Miss Plim, heads off to solve this great mystery.

Nettlewooz - Volume 1 "Fragments of the Moon" is now available in English language.
Go online and explore the magical world of Nettlewooz, meet its quirky and endearing characters, and solve the riddle.

And most of all - have fun!